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JSON Browser

Type in a URL of a JSON resource and browse it instantly. The popular JSON Editor Online by josdejong tuned up for quick url browsing.

(dev) Time Series Variograms

At this site you can paste time series into a text box and it will calculate and plot variogram for you. If you provide data for another time series, it will calculate cross-variogram for the two series. It uses the c3 library to make the plot.

(dev) WaterML2 Vocab

Water Markup Language 2.0 (WML2) is an OGC standard for encoding data about water environment in an XML format, especially time series data. The specification describes several vocabularies for coded values. This dev page presents the vocabularies in a form that's easily readable by us, humans.

(dev) Find similar properties

Demo of finding closest items in terms of similarity of properties. Allows you to modify weights to choose how important certain property is to calculate a measure of similarity.

ArcGIS Server Crawler

List services of multiple ArcGIS Server instances with a click of a button.

(dev) UK National River Flow Archive Stations in a Mapbox

Mapbox is a relatively young yet mature JavaScript library with stunningly smooth-looking basemap tiles. The library builds on LeafLet and is completely free. Mapbox offers pre-paid plans if you need to add some extra content to your maps, but you can do lots with the JavaScript library alone!

Open Layers demo

A demo map with 2 WMS services and customized google map as backdrop created using Open Layers JavaScript library.

(dev) Draw a map of the UK with d3

d3 is a JavaScript library that can be used to create highly appealing data visualizations on the web and beyond. Here is a minimal demo that draws a map of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

(dev) Charts with c3

c3 is a small JavaScript library based on d3 that makes plotting data on a web page snappy, slick, and easy. Here is demo of the types of charts you can make with c3.

Inverse Distance Interpolator

Inverse distance interpolation is a technique for estimating values of a variable in places where you didn't measure it based on values in places where you did measure it.