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If you happen to be in Oxford and want to have a decent run, jog, or walk to chill out away from the city and see some amazing panoramas of Oxford and surrounding landscape, this is the trail for you!

I recommend you start from The Thames Path and run south first (clockwise). The trail is is about 12 km (7.5 miles) but there are several alternatives to make it sorter or longer following the dense network of footpaths in the area.

You will need to cross the Oxford Ring Road twice, one crossing is over a bridge (overpass) and the other is through a subway (underpass). The terrain is undulating, first half of the track is mostly up hill, the second mostly downhill, lowest and highest points are 100 and 222 m ASL, respectively.

If you want to run the trail I am more than happy to guide you, just get in touch!

You can view larger map or download track as KML.