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Every now and then I hear about triathlon so I decided to try what’s it like. On Sunday, October 14, I had my first trial. In privacy, no race.

The standard distance (also called Olympic, which definitely sounds better) is 1.5 km swim, 40 km cycling, and 10 km run. Doing one discipline in a day is a piece of cake (maybe except for 10 km run, I have never been a good runner). The quest was to do all disciplines consecutively.

It took me exactly 4 hours including breaks. That’s probably a lame time, but I am quite happy with it as I had no lane or traffic priority for any of the disciplines and I constantly had to check if I was cycling/running in the right direction according to a paper map. Here are my times in more detail:

  • Swimming (1.5 km): 26 minutes; I swam in a warm 25 m pool.
  • Transition to cycling: 19 minutes; nice and easy with a shower and everything
  • Cycling (40 km): 2 hours 3 minutes (lots of wrong turns)
  • Transition to running: 13 minutes
  • Running (10 km): 1 hour 20 minutes (stopping to check a map every now and then), the track was actually nearly 12 km long.

Most triathletes would probably laugh at me calling this triathlon when I was swimming in a pool and having transitions nearly 20 minutes, but come on, it was my first trial. Good starting point for improvements.

Here is a map of my cycling (blue) and running (red) tracks.

View Triathlon 20121014 in a larger map