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I wanted to run half marathon (circa 21.09 km), but the track I managed to find just happened to be a bit longer and I also had to make some changes as I went because some path were closed. My whole track was about 26.5 km long.

It took me long 3 hours and 5 minutes. I have to admit I walked the last 2.5 km simply because I couldn’t run any more. It is somewhat funny feeling when you discover your absolute edge.

I reckon my time at half marathon distance was probably around 2 hours 30 minutes. To put this in perspective, some people can easily run full marathon in that time, but I am quite happy I managed to run at least a bit further than this guy from Kent managed to knit:
Pensioner’s knitting reaches 16 miles in length.

By the way, do not attempt to do anything like this (running or knitting) without training!

I ran counter-clockwise and the bit I walked is roughly from the disabled mark to finish.

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