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Yesterday I cycled on my new bike to Norwich for an appointment regarding national insurance number. It was quite a long way (95 km in total) and it took longer than I expected. Strong winds slowed me down at times and I also had to frequently check if I was going in the right direction. Anyway, it was a struggle, but I made it. A big lesson learned from this trip was that I need much more than 2l of water and 200g of muesli for such journey. Take more food and drink next time!

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I took some photos with my phone on the way. Norwich is nice, but I wasn’t keen enough to walk around the whole city after cycling 45 km and with more than that ahead. Yet here is the main market, located at the same square since the medieval times. Norwich Castle is in the background.

The market in Norwich

A big surprise on the way back was the Reedham Ferry I had to take to cross the Yare River.

Reedham Ferry

View From the Reedham Ferry

Fortunately, there were bridges crossing New Cut and Waveney River near St Olaves; here is a view from the bridge across New Cut.

View from the bridge across New Cut new St Olaves

Finally, when I came back to Lowestoft, the Lowestoft bridge was open and a huge boat was slowly passing into the harbour. As it moved, it’s name could be seen and it turned out that this huge boat was Cefas Endeavour. It makes you feel kinda proud when your employer has a boat like this :).

Endeavour entering the harbour

Cefas Endeavour