ArcGIS Server Crawler

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On my ArcGIS Server Crawler website, you can list services from ArcGIS Servers (yes, multiple servers a time!) without the need to dig down into and then come back from individual folders in the services directory.

Stay on top of sudden data flood with BROWSEME.html

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Data coming in faster than expected, no rigid structure, struggle to remember what’s where and where to put new stuff. Before you know it you can’t find what you need. Sounds familiar? This post may help you out.

Inverse Distance Weighting Interpolator

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Inverse Distance Interpolator

At school I coded a program for inverse distance interpolation in Pascal (using Lazarus IDE) as part of the Programmming course at Czech University of Life Sciences. The program is described in a 1 page long PDF manual. Check out a screenshot and dowload the program on a dedicated page.