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The Ridgeway is a long distance walking-cycling-bridleway. It starts approximately near Swindon and stretches along the Chiltern Hills beyond Aylesbury.It has 139 km in total, walkers are allowed everywhere, cyclists mostly only on the western part.

I went for a bike trip from Oxford via Abingdon, Didcot, to the White Horse monument and then along The Ridgeway, back to Didcot and Oxford (109 km in total). I Went for this trip to see the Uffingdon White Horse, an Iron Age landscape figure.  The part of The Ridgeway I did is fully accessible to cyclists, but make sure you are well prepared if you want to cycle along The Ridgeway. Not all parts are pleasant. The surface is quite uneven and you definitely need a hybrid bikr or ideally a mountain bike. Where the chalk bedrock is exposed, it can get extremely slippery if it rains! It rained quite a bit during my trip and I fell of my bike at least 3 times. Yes.

Good fun, but it won’t become my favourite cycling track.

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