ArcGIS Server Crawler

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On my ArcGIS Server Crawler website, you can list services from ArcGIS Servers (yes, multiple servers a time!) without the need to dig down into and then come back from individual folders in the services directory.

St Giles’ Fair 2013

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Traditionally (for centuries) for a couple of days at the beginning of September, there is St Gile’s Fair (wiki) ¬†right in the heart of Oxford. Crazy stuff. No comments needed, just some pictures.  Go to gallery »

Oxford Ultimate Natural Beauty Trail

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If you happen to be in Oxford and want to have a decent run, jog, or walk to chill out away from the city and see some amazing panoramas of Oxford and surrounding landscape, this is the trail for you!

Bike, White Horse, and The Ridgeway

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The Ridgeway is a long distance walking-cycling-bridleway. It starts approximately near Swindon and stretches along the Chiltern Hills beyond Aylesbury.It has 139 km in total, walkers are allowed everywhere, cyclists mostly only on the western part.

Open Layers Template

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Here is a basic Open Layers application as a good starting point for developers. Open the map.

Easy Backup with Automatic Time Stamp

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Previously I described a simple version control mechanism and provided a script that makes it super easy for you to adopt that approach. Let me add couple more comments about backups here.

Simple File Version Control

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When working on a set of scripts without any smart development/version-control environment/cycle, you still want to keep some form of history of your code so you can always roll back to previous versions in case you mess up your current/development/unstable versions. Here I describe what I do. So far it has worked for me great…. Read more »

Basic Python Cheat sheet

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Basic Python Cheat Sheet

Nowadays many programmers need to use several programming languages per day. In fact, it is not uncommon to several languages in a single row of code! So no wonder sometimes one needs a reminder of the correct syntax. My Basic Python Cheat Sheet contains the most commonly used features so you can quickly find and… Read more »

Stay on top of sudden data flood with BROWSEME.html

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Data coming in faster than expected, no rigid structure, struggle to remember what’s where and where to put new stuff. Before you know it you can’t find what you need. Sounds familiar? This post may help you out.